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Thematic Area I

This trainings comes in 5 parts!

Journal and Journalizing
  • Accounting definition, cycle, information process and users of information
  • Accounting equation and elements (rules of debits and credits)
  • The chart of accounts
  • Nature of journal and kinds of journal.
  • Analyzing and recording the transaction (journal & journalizing)
Posting, Trial balance, and adjusting entries
  • Definition, kinds and importance of ledger.
  • Classifying the journal entries and posting to the ledger
  • Summarizing the ledger /preparing the trial balance
  • Preparation of adjusting entries
  • Preparation of adjusted trial balance
Financial Statements
  • Identifying the revenue and expense from the adjusted trial balance and computation of the net income (loss) T
  • The assets, liabilities and equity accounts
  • The effect of net income (loss) to the balance sheet or real accounts.
  • The use of the income summary accounts in closing the nominal accounts
  • Preparing the post closing trial balance for the next accounting period
Internal Control
  • Defining the internal control.
  • The Interrelated components of IC
  • The roles, responsibilities and authorities.
  • Limitations and effectiveness
  • Assessments and evaluation.
Financial Ratios
  • Understanding the ratio analysis
  • The four classification of ratio analysis
  • Liquidity, efficiency, leverage and profitability ratio
  • Analyzing and computing the ratios from the given financial statements.

Learning Outcome

  • Study operating performance using income and cash flow statements
  • Use financial statements to gain insight on business operations and ways on improving them
  • Read and interpret balance sheets to pinpoint business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Make informed management decisions using basic accounting concepts and processes

Target Audience

  • Managers who want a good understanding of financial reports and the ability to utilize this information productively
  • Small to medium business owners who want more involvement with company finances, enabling closer monitoring and control of its financial performance
  • Bookkeepers or account clerks who want a greater appreciation of accounting terminology and processes
  • Any individual in need of basic, day-to-day accounting

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